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Use M-S and M-R methods to check errors such as open circuit, short circuit, jumper, reverse, crossover, matching connection and cable, 5E/ 6E cable, BNC cables, breakpoints for USB and telephone lines, and visual display on LCD.
Test crosstalk errors on cable to eliminate potential problems with slow network speed.
The search line feature allows you to find cables, telephone lines and other wires in a number of lines, helping to find the circuitry that you want by prompting the volume to be found at the other end, with anti-interference and high sensitivity. Volume control knob on the receiver can adjust the sensitivity.
The cable length can arrival 1200 meters by M-S, M-R and OPEN. It is suitable for cable, coaxial cable, telephone line and USB cable. The measuring accuracy of cable breakpoint length and position is up to 98%.
You can determine which side of the end of the two cable ends is open and accurately determines the exact opening point of the end of the cable (left, right or middle).
Low voltage display when voltage is too low.
Automatic delay shutdown.
Self-check function, which can automatically replenish various conditions according to the change of battery capacity and environment temperature.
Can test whether the connection between the network line and the router is good and can be tested in real time.
Model: SML-8828
Material: Plastic
Weight: 393g/13.9oz
Display: Dot 128×64 sequence LCD lattice (effective field of view 48x32mm)
Power: 2x9V stacked battery, power consumption 15mA (excluding)
Low power display: 9V battery voltage below 6.5 V, LCD prompt battery power is low
Type of test cable: STP/ UTP twisted pair, coaxial cable, telephone line, USB cable.
Test personnel port: tester RJ45 master port (M), tester LOOPBACK RJ45 port (S), BNC, USB (A), RJ11, remote identifier RJ45 port (R), additional BNC, USB (B) and RJ11 converter used to measure And check the continuity of coaxial cable, telephone line and USB cable.
Working environment temperature: -10—60 degrees.
Length measurement of twisted pair
Range of application: 1–1200M
Calibration Accuracy: 2% (+/-0.5 M or +/-1.5 ft) (Calibration Cable&; 5M)
Shipment accuracy: 3% (+/-0.5 M or +/-1.5 ft) (AMP, AT & T Class 5 cable)
Length: meter, foot, or yard.
Length Calibration: The calibration coefficients can be set by the user with a give length of cable, and the calibrated cable length is greater than 10 meters.
Errors in line sequence and location line: checking errors such as open circuit, short circuit, reverse connection, crosstalk, crosstalk, interference, etc.
Location Cable: 8 Remote Passive Test Socket (ID 1&; ID8)
Automatic delay closing time: The tester does not run for 15 minutes.
Scan and position wiring: 5E, 6E, coaxial cable, USB cable and telephone line
Size: 149*66*23mm/5.9*2.6*0.9inch
Package includes:
1 x Receiver
1 x Emitter
1 x Clip
1 x Pair Plate
1.The tester uses 9V battery stacked battery. (NOT included)
2. If it does not work for 15 minutes, the tester will automatically shut down.
3. The LCD battery is low and the voltage is too low, which will affect its operation. This series of detector is developed for testing different cable terminals and will not be misused, otherwise it will be permanently damaged.
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