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1. Name: DC to 4Pin Cooling Fan Adapter Cable
2. Interface: 4Pin DC5521
3. Shell Material: PVC
4. Conductor material: Tin plated copper
5. Cable Length: 30cm
6. Wire type: 2464 24AWG
7. Weight: 8g

1. Change the CPU fan of the chassis to DC interface for power supply.
2. If you have a 12V or 9V, 5V power supply, you can use this dedicated adapter cable to supply power to the heat sink to solve the heat dissipation problem of the network equipment.
3. The motherboard can only provide an accurate speed measurement value of a fan, so only one of the three fans has a speed measurement function, and all three fans have PWM temperature control function.

Package included:

1 x 30cm DC5521 to 4Pin CPU Cooling Fan Power Cable Power Adapter Extension Lead Wire for Computer Heat Dissipation

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