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Wire t'racker can quickly find the required cables from a large number of harness cables, it is a tool for finding cables for network cable, communication cable, various metal lines construction projects and routine maintenance.
Wire t'racker uses the induction line finder principle to find the cable, so it does not need to open the insulation layer of the cable, it can find signals on different parts of the cable sheath.
Analog routing function: Yes
Alignment function: Yes
Short circuit break-make: NO
Voltage positive and negative test: NO
Line voltage: Yes
Noise-free digital routing: No
live line finding POE Switchboard: No
Vibration hints: Yes
Live line finding: Yes
Adjustable sensitivity: Yes
Adjustable volume: No
LED head lamp: Yes
Automatic shut-down: Yes
Display mode:
Display: LED indicator lamp
Transmitting signal distance:>300m
Output signal level: About 23Vp-p (adjustable)
Working temperature: -20 ~ 60 C, maximum 80% relative humidity(non condensing).
Storage temperature: -10 ~ 50 C, maximum 80% relative humidity(non condensing, no battery).
Altitude: <2000m(meter)
Power supply: Main machine: 3*AA Battery (not included)
              Auxiliary machine: 1* 9V battery (included)
Product Size: Main machine: 133x69x31mm/5.2×2.7×1.2in
             Auxiliary machine: 185x36x26mm/7.3×1.4x1in

Packet Included:
1 x Main machine
1 x Auxiliary machine
1 x 9V battery
1 x Crocodile clip
1 x User Manual
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