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1. Name: VGA 3+9 Pair Female Cable
2. Type: Extension Cord
3. Interface Type / Cable: VGA Cable
4. Wire: 28AWG
5. Outer Diameter: 8.0mm
6. Wire Material: Oxygen-Free Copper
7. Outer Mold: Environmentally Friendly PVC Material
8. Plug: Gold Plated, Gold Plated Terminals
9. Length: 1.5 Meters
10. Packing: PE Bag


1. It is used for extended use of VGA interface, so it can be easily inserted and removed after extending the VGA female head.
2. The 26/28AWG triaxe is combined with the 9-pin tinned copper conductor for smooth signal transmission and shielding the interference generated by external signals.
3. VGA plated gold connector, contact anti-group is better, to prevent oxidation.
4. Shielding of the connector welds uses a double-lead copper foil ring welding process to meet EMI test standards.
5. Optimize the conductor anti-set so that the signal after the extension is transferred has no effect.
6. The male screws on both ends of the cable are used as the extension cable and the female connector cannot be locked with the male connector, so this will not affect the function of the extension.

Package Includes:

1 * VGA Video Cable

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